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SpaDuck offers everything you need to maintain, clean, and enhance your overall Softub, SplashTub, and Hot Tub experience.
Safe for all hot tubs! All Softub chemicals, Softub accessories, and Softub filters offered by SpaDuck are designed for use on all vinyl lined Hot Tubs (Softub and SplashTub spas) and work great with traditional Hot Tubs as well!

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Softub Chemicals
We carry the full line of Amerse Spa Care Softub chemicals. Our Softub chemicals are designed for spas with vinyl liners, such as Softub and SplashTub. Our Softub chemicals are great to use and are safe in your traditional Hot Tub as well.
View Our Softub Chemicals

Spa Care Solutions for Softtubs

Softub Chlorine Alternatives
Are you sensative to chlorine, does it make your skin itch and your eyes water? On this page you will find the Softub chemical alternatives that we have found that will help you better enjoy your Softub experience.
View Chlorine Alternatives

softub non chlorine

Softub & SplashTub Filters
Have you changed your Softub filter in the past year? We have both Screw-On and Snap-On filters for Softubs. We also have pumps and fill filters.
View Our Line of Filters
softub filters

Softub Accessories
We carry what you need for your Softub spa. From Spa Pillows to Spa Booster Seats, we've got you covered!
View Our Softub Accessories

soft tub accessory

Softub Covers
Looking for a cover for your Softub spa? We carry covers for all three sizes of Softub spas.
View Our Softub Covers
softub covers

Softub Hydrotherapy
Get the benefit of HydroTherapy as you soak in your softub spa!
View Our Softub Hydrotherapy Page

softub hydrotherapy

Softub Fragrances
Liven up your senses! Add an aroma experience to your Softub. We carry InSPArations and Spazazz fragrances.

View Our Softub Fragrances

Softub Test Strips
Find the Softub test strips of your choice. Great for your Softub, hot tub, and your pool!
View Our Softub Test Strips

softub test strips

SpaDuck Specials & Packages
We have different Softub accessories and packages to choose from to help fit your needs.
View Our Specials & Packages

softub specials

Softub Help & Support
This page will help you with definitions as well as give you assistance with problems that you may encounter with your Softub, SplashTub or hot tub.
View Softub Help & Support

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