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Amerse Spa Care chemicals and cleaning agents are designed to work with Softub® Spas, SplashTubs® and other Soft Tubs with vinyl linings as well as traditional Hot Tub spas.

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Softub & SplashTub

Softub Chemicals - Chlorine Sanitizer, Test Strips, pH & Alkalinity Increase, pH & Alkalinity Decrease, pH Lock, Shock Oxidizer, Filter Revive, Metal & Stain Control, Crystal Clear Clarifier, Enzyme, Swirl Away, Calcium Hardness Increase, Foam Eliminator, 303 Vinyl Protectant, & Cover Care Cleaner

Chlorine Alternatives - Bromine Tablets, Sodium Bromide, Spa Frog System, Bromine Dispensers, Spa Frog, & Test Strips

Softub Accessories - Bromine Dispensers, Spa Pillows, Booster Seats, Scum Bugs, Spa Frog, Nature 2 Sticks, Pulse Flo Jets, Tub Scrubber, Duramitt, Vinyl Stain Erasers, & Softub Floating Thermometers

More Softub Accessories - Faucet Adaptor, Waterproof Playing Cards, & Blowfish Squirtees

Softub Test Strips - 3 types of test strips available

Order Status - Check the status of your order. All you need is the
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Softub Filters - Softub Snap On filters, Screw On filters, & SplashTub Filters

Softub Cleaning - Swirl Away, Softub Packages, Renew, Cover Care Cleaner, 303 Protectant, Tub Scrubber, & Duramitt

Softub Hydrotherapy - Wet Bells & Resistance Gloves

Softub Help - Problems with your Softub water, frequent problems, & a definition of terms.

Softub Covers - Softub Covers for 140, 220, & 300

Softub Fragrances - inSPArations & Spazazz Crystals

Softub Specials - SpaDuck Softub Packages & Sale Items

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