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Softub Cleaning

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Amerse Spa Care chemicals and cleaning agents are designed to work with Softub® Spas, SplashTubs® and other Soft Tubs with vinyl linings as well as traditional Hot Tub spas.

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Swirl Away
Use prior to draining your Softub or Hot Tub.  Remove filter and pour 250mL of Swirl Away into spa. Turn on pump at high for 1 hour. Drain and resume normal maintenance procedure. swirl away dissolves accumulated bath and body oils that build up in plumbing lines and impair jet action.
For more information on this product Click Here!

16oz. Bottle- $7.90


softub cleaning

Drain & Fill Package
Getting ready to drain and clean your Softub? This package gives you the essentials to clean out the plumbing (Swirl Away), as well as clean the exterior of your softub (Cover Care Cleaner). Plus, this package includes a new Softub Filter, Chlorine and Enzyme to maintain your water.

Regular price $75.35
**Specials Price**
Drain & Fill Package- $68.00

Select Filter Type

softub cleaning

Clean & Test Package
Getting ready to do some Hot Tub cleaning? This package gives you the essentials to clean your Softub on the outside, clean out the pipes and clean your filter. Plus, once you fill your Softub you're ready to test the water. Package includes Swirl Away to clean out the pipes, Cover Care Cleaner to clean the exterior of the spa, Duramitt to clean the scum on the inside of the spa, Filter Revive to clean your filter, and AquaChek Test Strips.

Regular Sales price $43.75
**Specials Price**
Clean & Test Package- $39.50

Select Test Strips

softtub cleaning

Filter Revive
Revive is an instant spray and rinse cleaner for the Softub and traditional filter. Used monthly, it removes grease, minerals and scale from the filter and increases the life of the softub filter. 16oz.
For more information on this product Click Here!

16oz. Bottle- $ 9.95



303 Vinyl Protectant
Repels dust, dirt, stains and provides UV protection. Restores & maintains a like-new appearance, texture and color. Can use on Rubber, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Tires, Plastic, and Leather. Apply 3-5 weeks for maximum UV protection.

16 Fl. oz Spray Bottle- $16.50



Amerse Spa Care Cover Care Cleaner
Cover Care Cleaner is specifically formulated to safely clean vinyl sided spas. Ideal for use on vinyl sided spas, spa lids, and protective covers. Cover Care Cleaner is a powerful, heavy duty, clinging foam that will not run or drip providing extended contact time to cut through grease, grime and dirt.
For more information on this product Click Here!

18oz. Bottle- $8.90


Tub Scrubber
Just another way to help you keep your SoftTub clean!

Tub Scrubber- $4.50

softtub cleaning

Cleans the interior of the Hot Tub without scratching. This convenient heavy gauge glove with scrubbing pad provides a large scrubbing surface for fast cleaning.

Duramitt- $8.95

softub cleaning

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