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Softub & SplashTub Filters

Softub Microban Filter
Protecton that Lasts
Microban technology is built-in during the manufacturing process so it won't washoff or wear away. The result is durable antimocrobial protection that lasts the life of your filter.

High temperatures and the wet environment make an unprotected filter surface a target for the growth of bacteria. Great Barrier Pleats are made with genuine Reemay Advantage™ with Microban®. Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause stains, odors, & degradation of the filter surface. The continuous antimicrobial cleaning action of Microban makes the Softub filter easier to clean and keeps it fresher between cleanings.

Regular cleaning of the filter on your Softub will ensure that your Softub will continue to provide you with the same level of satisfaction and relaxation. The main purpose of the Softub filter is to take contaminates out of your water. Contaminants can be bacteria, make-up residue, body lotions & oils, as well as your body's own oils. These items can build up in your Softub filter and clog your filter, similar to how oils can clog your own pores. Over time, this builds up to a level where your filter will not function properly and you will need to replace your Softub filter. It is important that you check your Softub filter and clean excess build-up. This will save you from having to replace your Softub filter earlier than you should, making the most out of each filter.

It is good to check your filter once a month. If it needs cleaning, the recommended product to clean your Softub filter is Filter Revive. Cleaning the Softub filter on a regular basis can increase the life of your Softub filter.

It is recommended that you change out your Softub filter once a year. Depending on the activity in your Softub, it may be necessary to change your Softub filter more often.

SpaDuck carries a full line of Softub and SplashTub Filters. We carry the Softub Snap On Filters, Softub Screw On Filter, & the SplashTub Filter.
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SpaDucks Softub and SplashTub filter page.

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To Maximize the life of your Softub Filter:

  • Clean the ribbing of your Softub Filter per cleaning instructions
  • Never use a stiff brush to clean the Softub Filter
  • Maintain your Softub water by using the proper chemicals. Also keep water
    chemicals in the proper balance
  • Alternate two sets of Softub Filters when cleaning
  • Its always a good idea to use Enzyme to break down oils

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