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Chlorine Alternatives for Softub & Hot Tub Spas

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Amerse Spa Care chemicals and cleaning agents are designed to work with Softub® Spas, SplashTubs® and other Soft Tubs with vinyl linings as well as traditional Hot Tub spas.

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Amerse Spa Care Bromine Tablets
Bromine Disinfectant Tablets give the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor. Bromine produces less odor than chlorine and tends to be less irritating. This product is a new form of brominating hydantoin for vinyl lined Hot Tubs. "The spa care system specifically formulated for vinyl lined spas."

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Bromine is only recommended if you are sensative or allergic to chlorine. Not to be used in Softubs. For more information please email us.

1.75lb Bottle - $19.30


Leisure Time Sodium Bromide Packets
Establishes a bromide reserve when using Bromine Tablets.

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2.oz. packet - $3.25 per packet


1 case of 6-2oz. packets - $19.00 per case



Spa Frog System Cartridges

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Mineral Cartridge Replacement (replace every 3-4 months)

Bromine Cartridge Replacement (replace every month to 2 months)

softub spa frog system

Floating Bromine Dispenser
For use with bromine tablets, this adjustable, refillable dispenser controls the amount of bromine dispensed into the spa.

Floating Bromine Dispenser - $13.00

soft tub dispenser


"Sunny" Bromine Dispenser

"Sunny" Bromine Dispenser - $12.00

softtub dispenser

Spa Frog
The Spa Frog is a new way to help eliminate bacteria along with low levels of chlorine or bromine. It also neutralizes low pH levels. Simply insert inside your Softub Filter. Will last up to 4 months!
Helps in reduction of chemical use!

Will Only Fit In Microban & Snap On 8/34 Filters!

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Spa Frog - $31.50

Soft Tub Spa Frog

AquaChek ® Bromine Test Strips
The most trusted one step dip and read test available.
Tests for pH, total alkalinity, & total bromine. (50 strips)

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Bromine Test Strips (50 strips per bottle) - $9.25


SPool & Spa Test Strips

Softub Covers

softub cover

SpaDuck Specials & Packages


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