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Amerse Metal & Stain Control

Metal & Stain Control
If water contains high metal concentrations, this product should be used each time the Softub or SplashTub spa is filled.

Metal & Stain Control is a concentrated product that suspends and neutralizes mineral elements that can stain and corrode your Softub or SplashTub spa. Metal & Stain Control also acts as a clarifier to cluster unfilterable microscopic minerals together so that they can be removed in the filtration process.


1. Upon initially filling your Softub spa, add 8 oz. for up to 250 gallons of water. Allow jets to operate for at least one hour after adding product.
2. For gradual removal of an existing stain, double the above dose and allow jets to operate for an hour.
3. If fresh water is regularly added to the Softub spa, use an additional 1-1/2 ounces per week for preventative maintenance.

Storage and Disposal

This product should be stored at room temperature. Do not reuse bottle.



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