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Softub Draining & Filling Plus Weekly & Monthly Reminder


It is recommended that you drain and refill the Softub SplashTub every 3-4 months (or when the water becomes hard to balance). When draining the spa we recommend the use of:

Swirl Away
Prior to draining, add 1/2 a bottle of Swirl Away to your Softub and allow it to run for approximately 1 hour with jets on. Swirl Away removes build-up from inside the jets, pump, & plumbing system that can clog the spa system and reduce the HydroTherapy benefits of the spa.



The use of a Fill Filter each time you refill your Softub will eliminate grit and debris that can enter the spa and damage or stain spa surfaces.

In addition to the normal routine of monitoring proper pH, alkalinity, & sanitizer, you may need to use the following products when filling your spa:

1. Metal & Stain Control
This product is needed if you have high concentrations of minerals in your water or if your Softub is filled with well water. Metal & Stain Control suspends and neutralizes metals so they will not harm the Softub.

Upon initially filling your Softub, add 8 ounces per 250 gallons of water. If fresh water is regularly added to the spa, add an additional 1-1/2 ounces per week for preventative maintenance.

2. Calcium Hardness Increase
It is not recommended that you fill the Softub with water from a water softener. Softubs filled with soft water will stain from corrosion of the metal parts within the Softubs equipment pack and can cause wrinkling of the vinyl liner. Calcium Hardness Increase will elevate low levels of calcium hardness in your Softub water. To determine the calcium hardness level in your Softub (if you have soft water), use a test strip that measures calcium hardness and add the correct amount of Calcium Hardness Increase as outlined below.

1/2 ounce of Calcium Hardness Increase will increase hardness by 7ppm in 250 gallons of water.


Weekly Reminders:

In addition to regular water testing & necessary adjustments to pH, alkalinity, & sanitizer, the following three products should be used in a weekly regimen to encourage the clearest, freshest water possible:

1. Shock Oxidizer (2 ounces a week)
When sanitizer combines with bacteria it becomes ineffective, can cause cloudy water, & create an unpleasant chemical odor. Shock Oxidizer oxidizes used sanitizer and eliminates the potential for these problems. Always remove the spa cover for at least 15 minuets after adding Shock Oxidizer to allow proper oxidation.

During periods of heavy use, you may need to shock more often if you experience cloudy water or a chemical odor.

2. Crystal Clear Clarifier (1 ounce a week)
Microscopic particles can create cloudy water because they are so tiny they pass right through the filter. Crystal Clear Clarifier helps combine these particles into larger, filterable particles that can then be eliminated in the filtration process.

3. Enzyme (1 capful per week)

Leisure Time Enzyme is a natural enzyme that biodegrades oils and body lotions that can create scum lines at the water line and clog your spa filter. Used regularly, Enzyme breaks down oils and lotions before they create a mess in the spa.

Monthly Reminders:

The following maintenance procedures should be done monthly (or as needed) to aid in water quality and protect the beauty of the spa.

1. Remove all debris from the suction intake cover.

2. Clean all exterior surfaces of the Softub. Cover Care Cleaner will keep the vinyl clean and looking like new.

3. Remove and grit or other debris that may have been tracking into the spa.

4. Clean your Softub filter with Filter Revive. Filter Revive removes body oils and lotions in addition to minerals and scale that build-up on the spa filter. The use of Filter Revive each month will ensure cleaner water and prolong the life of the filter. Replace your spa filter at least once a year or as needed.


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