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Sodium Bromide

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide
Establishes a bromide reserve when using Bromine Tablets. If switching from Chlorine to Bromine Tablets you will need to drain you Softub or SplashTub before switching over to Bromine. You will need to add Sodium Bromide to create a reserve in your water. Bromine tablets have a mixture of bromine and chlorine in them. Chlorine will react with Bromides present in the Softub water and will be converted into Bromine. In a freshly filled vinyl lined Hot Tub there are no Bromides present. You will need to add Bromide to your Softub so it will react with the Bromine Tablets and be converted to Bromine. By doing this there wont be the odor of Chlorine.

When used with Bromine Tablets, Sodium Bromide will ensure that the disinfection of the Softub or SplashTub is completely bromine based and will eliminate chlorine odors.


1. Add 1/2 oz. of Sodium Bromide per 100 gallons of Softub water to establish a
30 ppm bromide reserve.

2. Add Bromine Tablets to your Softub to establish proper bromine level.



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